Press Releases.

Successful Next of Kin Visit

On 3 October 170 relatives of Argentine war dead visited the memorial at Darwin Cemetery on East Falkland to remember their loved ones and take part in a service to inaugurate the memorial.  The arrangements put in place for the first of two visits worked well, and the tight schedule was maintained in a quiet and dignified manner.  During the service the cemetery was blessed and mourners placed personal mementos in an urn of remembrance.  After the service a round of applause was offered up for the Islanders who had helped organise the visit, as well as Chilean airline LAN for its assistance in transporting the families to the Falklands.  On 10 October a further visit of 205 Argentine relatives will take place and a statue of œOur Lady of Lujan will be carried to the cemetery, where a further inauguration will take place during the service.