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Between the 15th and 17th July 2014, Member of Legislative Assembly, Roger Edwards, and Falkland Islands Government Representative, Sukey Cameron MBE, attended a conference in the Cayman Island ahead of the Joint Ministerial Council, which will be held in December.

Follows the office statement of the pre-JMC meeting.


Statement on pre-JMC meeting

We, the elected Leaders of the Overseas Territories, met in the Cayman Islands on 15-17 July, 2014, to discuss the forthcoming Joint Ministerial Council Meeting (JMC), which will be held in December 2014 in London.

The purpose of the Joint Ministerial Council is to implement the principles espoused in the 2012 White Paper on Security, Success and Sustainability and to agree at the ministerial level on collective issues between OT Governments and the UK Government.

At the pre-JMC meeting held this week in the Cayman Islands, we discussed measures to secure our long-term economic futures:

  1. Economic diversification – To build sustainable economies that are more resilient and capitalize on changing global trends.
  2. Good Governance – To continue to uphold the principles of Good Governance in the administration of our respective territories and recognize the right of all people of the Overseas Territories to self-determination.
  3. Global Standards of Financial Regulation Accountability and Transparency – Continue to lead in the fight against financial crime and continue to be responsible international financial centres that facilitate global trade and investment in line with the emerging global consensus.
  4. Environmental Sustainability – As vulnerable small territories whose economies are dependent on environmental sustainability, we will continue our long history of caring for and nurturing our environments.
  5. Security and Immigration – Ensuring the security and protection of our borders and the safety and welfare of our people, including access to all passports, specifically emergency travel, despite the UK’s new policy to repatriate the printing of all passports to the United Kingdom by the end of this year.

We reaffirmed our commitment and respect for the principles outlined in our Constitutions and will uphold our obligations to our electorate and the people we serve.

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