Press Releases.

Statement in Response to the Meeting Between the Prime Minister and the President of Argentina

Whilst Britain and the Falkland Islands have moved on to a new relationship based on democracy and self-determination, our Argentine neighbours remain in a time warp, still pressing their anachronistic claim to territorial sovereignty.  In short, they wish to colonise the Falkland Islands.  

We have been encouraged by the UK Government’s clear and unshakeable position that the sovereignty issue is not for negotiation.  There is no turning back from this.  

Falkland Islanders have expressed their views freely and unequivocally over many years.  We wish to remain British.  Our constitution enshrines the right to determine our own future.  Surely no-one who supports democracy and human rights can oppose this?

It is regrettable that 27 years after the Falklands War it is still necessary to spell this out once again to yet another Argentine leader who hasn’t realised that the world has changed and countries cannot ride rough-shod over the right to self-determination of free people.