Press Releases.

Stanley Electrical first to benefit from localisation of MPA services

The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) is pleased to announce that the first localisation project has been achieved following a considerable period of discussion in which FIG and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) explored ways for the private sector to take part in support projects at Mount Pleasant.

The first steps towards the localisation of services to British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI) took place this week with the signing of a contract for a Stanley business to provide photocopier and printer services at Mount Pleasant.

Stanley Electrical Ltd, the parent company of The Print Shop, took up the maintenance of photocopier machines at the base on April 8.

Company owner Steve Vincent said: “I want to thank all those involved with making this happen – its taken a long time to finalise but the results have been worth the wait. We now have a marvellous opportunity to expand our business into MPA and I hope many other local companies decide to do the same.”

Extending the existing FIG photocopier contract to enable a local supplier to provide the same service to BFSAI provides benefits to both parties as well as creating long term, sustainable employment opportunities, said MLA Mike Summers.

Photocopier and air terminal services were identified as early localisation projects for FIG and the MoD in November last year.

Head of Policy Jamie Fotheringham said he was delighted that the localisation programme was now starting to deliver real benefits to the Islands. “I congratulate all of those involved in delivering the first of what I hope will be many localisation contracts,” he said.