The Islands Plan.

The Islands Plan

In July 2014 the Falkland Islands Government launched a new Islands Plan setting out the ambitions for the Islands over a 5-year period. The key aim of the Islands Plan is:

To progress the sustainable, economic, social and political development of the Falkland Islands for the benefit of all residents.

Copies of The Islands Plan 2014-2018 are available in English or a Spanish version, El Plan Para Las Islas 2014-2018 is also available.


Growth and diversification of the economy are fundamental to the Plan, with the aim being to reduce reliance on the fisheries industry as a source of income.  New programmes to assist local businesses and people to benefit from potential growth in oil and gas related activities are being implemented. A new Rural Development Strategy has been agreed to add value to agricultural production, encourage greater production of fruit, vegetables and meat, and to build stronger communities in rural areas. A new Tourism Strategy is being implemented with a focus on attracting greater numbers of land-based tourists to the Islands to complement the successful cruise ship tourism industry. The Plan also seeks to ensure greater economic benefits to the Islands from fisheries activities, and in new industries where the Islands unique environment and natural resources can be sustainably exploited.

The Islands Plan lays out ten themes under which targets for society, the economy and environment in the medium term are laid out. The themes are:

  • Self-determination and Good Governance (including enhanced Public Diplomacy, revision of criminal legislation and ratification of international treaties to tackle corruption, bribery and the financing of terrorism)
  • Economic Development (including revising an Economic Development Strategy, pursuing the outsourcing and privatisation of Government services where doing so provides a public benefit and creating conditions for wider growth and investment in the economy)
  • Population and Workforce (including ensuring the immigration system is attractive to overseas workers who may make the Islands their long-term home, ensuring employment laws are modern, flexible and fair and expanding the provision of vocational and academic qualifications available in the Islands)
  • Transport and Communications (including pursuing an additional air-link to the Islands, reviewing domestic infrastructure needs and supporting an international shipping link to the Islands)
  • Education and Training (including inviting independent inspections of our schools, revision of the Education Ordinance and establishing new collaborative links with the UK to improve the skills and training of local teachers)
  • Health and Social Care (including the implementation of a Vulnerable People’s Strategy, introduction of a permanent mammography screening service in the Islands and preparation of a Camp Health Strategy to support those living in Camp)
  • Infrastructure (including the preparation of a National Infrastructure Plan, enhancing power supplies within the Islands and the preparation of a Housing Strategy to the Islands)
  • Safety and Security (including the implementation of new child protection legislation, implementation of a Neighbourhood Management Policing model and improving the skills and capabilities within the Islands to ensure contingencies are in place to deal with any possible major emergency)
  • Community  and Culture (including ensuring the Town Plan continues to define green space and community facilities and protects the character of Stanley, exploring the role of the Falkland Islands Government in helping to build new community facilities and broadening opportunities for sporting, recreational and community activities in Stanley and in Camp)
  • Protecting the Environment (including demonstrating the Falkland Islands’ commitment to responsible environment management, progressing a Waste Management Strategy for the Islands and reviewing and updating the Biodiversity Strategy in the Islands)
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