Economic Development Strategy.

Economic Development Strategy

In order to maintain economic self sufficiency, the quality of life and standard of public services currently enjoyed in the Falkland Islands for generations to come, it is recognised that additional economic growth and development is required. Furthermore, as annual income received from the fishing industry fluctuates, the Islands would like to reduce reliance on income derived from the fishery in order to increase economic stability. The Economic Development Strategy (EDS) seeks to enable the broadening and deepening of activity in existing industries as well as diversification into new industries. Published in 2009, the EDS reflects the Falkland Islands Government’s policy of not relying on potential income from a hydrocarbons industry before a production phase is guaranteed.

EDS in Brief

An ambitious strategy that seeks to:

  • Broaden activity in the Fishery
  • Secure greater value added from Agriculture
  • Improve the Tourism offer and secure increased tourism visitors (particularly ‘land-based’ tourists.
  • Secure maximum local economic benefit from oil exploration activities (and possible future production phases)
  • Diversify the economy – new industries development
  • Address cross-cutting issues such as immigration, infrastructure, labour market, business environment, access to finance etc.
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