Freight and Transport.

Freight and Transport

The Falkland Islands is well connected, with shipping and air links to both South America and the United Kingdom

The primary port is located in Stanley Harbour and known locally as FIPASS (Falklands Interim Port and Storage System). FIPASS is a floating system installed by the military after 1982, and purchased by the Falkland Islands Government in 1988. It is operated by Byron McKay Port Services Ltd.

In addition, there is a commercial wharf in Stanley Harbour owned and operated by the Falkland Islands Company (FIC). Located in close proximity to most retail and commercial operations, this commercial jetty offers a four metre draft with limited warehousing, storage areas, water and fuel supplies. The Government is researching options to build a new permanent port facility.

Freight is transported locally by road, by the Falkland Islands Government Air Service or by sea on a coastal vessel which serves West Falkland and the outer Islands.  Freight services to and from South America by sea are provided by South American Atlantic Services (SAAS) Ltd, and civilian cargo is also carried on MoD vessels to and from the UK.

Recent developments in shipping arrangements now mean wool can be collected directly from Stanley for containerisation direct for shipment to world markets. For the first time wool shipments have been sent directly to a processor in the Czech Republic and containers of fish have been shipped direct to a customer in St. Petersburg.

DHL offers a courier service, co-ordinated locally by the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce.

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