Falkland Islands Government.

The Falkland Islands Government

The Falkland Islands Government is far from just an administration.  It provides a diversity of services to support our thriving community.  From provision of power and fresh drinking water, to building roads or carrying out scientific fisheries research, the Falkland Islands Government fulfills a variety of roles that make it the largest employer in the Islands.

The Islands Plan 2014-2018 outlining the objectives of the current Legislative Assembly is available in English: The Islands Plan 2014-2018 and in Spanish: El Plan Para Las Islas 2014-2018

The civil service is headed up by the Chief Executive, and divided into a number of Directorates. The heads of these Directorates form the Corporate Management Team, and are supported by a number of specialist Heads of Service.  The FIG Directorates are:

  • Office of the Legislative Assembly
  • Office of His Excellency the Governor
  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Directorate of Emergency Services
  • Directorate of Mineral Resources
  • Directorate of Health and Education
  • Directorate of Legal and Regulatory Services
  • Directorate of Public Works
  • The Treasury
  • Directorate of Central Services
  • Directorate of Natural Resources
  • Policy Unit

These directorates contain numerous further elements, functions and responsibilities which include:

  • Health and Social Services
  • Education
  • Police and Prison
  • Housing
  • Public Works
  • Treasury
  • Agriculture & Minerals
  • Attorney General
  • Fisheries
  • Secretariat
  • Planning
  • Courts
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Post Office
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Broadcasting Station
  • Civil Aviation
  • Govt. Air Service
  • Coastal Shipping
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Quarry
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Defence Force
  • Statutory Corporations

A dedicated website for the Falkland Islands Government is currently under development.

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