UN Committee of 24.


In 1961, the United Nations General Assembly created the Special Committee on decolonisation, which has become the focal point for the implementation of the Assembly’s 1960 Declaration on Decolonisation.

The Committee, also known as the Committee of Twenty-four because of the original number of members, reviews the political, economic and social situation in each of the remaining Non-Self-Governing Territories on the United Nations list, which includes The Falkland Islands. Since 2004 the Committee is made up of 27 members.

The Committee meets annually to discuss the developments in the Non-Self-Governing Territories, it hears statements from appointed and elected representatives of the Territories and petitioners, dispatches visiting missions to the Territories, and organises seminars on the political, social, economic and educational situations in the Territories. It formulates proposals and carries out actions approved by the General Assembly in the context of the Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2001-2010). The Committee also makes recommendations concerning the dissemination of information to mobilise public opinion in support of the decolonisation process and examines the assistance provided to the people of the Territories by the specialised agencies and other organisations of the United Nations system.


Each year two members of the Legislative Assembly attend the Annual UN Decolonisation Committee Meeting in New York to defend the Falkland Islands right to self determination, which is protected under the terms of the UN’s Declaration on Decolonisation.


Councillor Emma Edwards

Councillor Gavin Short


Councillor Janet Roberton (2005 – 2009)
Councillor Richard Stevens (2005 – 2009)


Councillor Janet Robertson (2005 – 2009)
Councillor Richard Stevens (2005 – 2009)


Councillor Ian Hansen (2005 – 2009)
Councillor Dr Richard Davies (2005 – 2007)


Councillor Richard Stevens (2005 – 2009)
Councillor Dr Richard Davies (2005 – 2007)

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