The Honourable Ian Hansen MLA
Health & Social Services
Health Care
Social Services

The Honourable Mark Pollard MLA
Trade & Industry, Employment, Training & Immigration
Economic Development, Tourism, Rural Development, Science & Technology
Subvention Bodies (FIDC, SAAS, FIMCO, SSL, FITB)
Trades & Training, Labour force development & Lifelong Learning, Immigration Policy, Workplace Legislation, Human Rights

The Honourable Stacy Bragger MLA
Education & Community, Communications Strategies
Nurseries & Schools, Studying Abroad, Further & Higher Education
Sports & Leisure Services/Facilities
Arts & Culture (Library, Museum) Archives

The Honourable Roger Spink MLA
Government Services, Legal & Regulatory
Treasury (Budget, Finance, Taxation, Pensions, Fiscal Policy) Audit, National statistics, Economic Reporting, FIGO
Policy, Legislature, Government IT, Human Resources & Public service improvements
Legislative agenda, Constitution, Regulatory affairs including monopolies
Registry Services, Contracts & Legal Services

The Honourable Leona Roberts MLA
Environment & Public Protection, Communications Strategies
Emergency Planning
Police, Prisons, Fire & Rescue, Customs & Immigration, FIDF, MoD Relationships
Environment policy, legislation & monitoring, Alternative energy, Waste management

The Honourable Roger Edwards MLA
Public Works, Brexit/EU
Design & Contacts, Materials, Plant & Vehicle
Power & Electrical, Property & Municipal, Water
Highways, Fox Bay

The Honourable Teslyn Barkman MLA
Natural Resources, Brexit/EU
Fisheries, Maritime & Harbours, Agriculture
Mineral Resources, Hydrocarbons development



The Honourable Dr Barry Elsby MLA
Development & Commercial Services, Public Health
Contracted/privatised services, Transportation infrastructure
FIG commercial services, FIG procurement, Planning, Lands, Housing
Courts, National Infrastructure Program, Programme, project & contract performance management

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