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Visiting academics from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine gave a presentation on their research at an event at Government House last week.

Professor Joseph Kelly, Dr Brenda Hall and Dr Jacquelyn Gill were hosted by the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI), who invited members of the public to attend the event at Government House, in order to learn more about the research being undertaken by the group, and how the visiting scientists hope to undertake work in the Falkland Islands in the near future.

Dr Hall’s area of expertise lies in abrupt climate change, and hopes to investigate climate changes in the Islands over the past 20,000 years, and use the information in order to ‘address questions of global importance.’

‘I study the response of shorelines and their inhabitants (including people) to the changes in sea level,’ explained Prof. Kelley. ‘The Falklands offer a wealth of interesting things. The long rise of sea here has not been measured and is interesting as it relates to the melting glaciers of the world’

Dr Gill is hoping to examine the ways in which plant and animal life respond to environmental changes, with a view to informing decisions such as species conservation and land use.

Dr Deborah Davidson from SAERI commented ‘Our Director, Dr Paul Brickle, and Falkland Islands Governor, Mr Nigel Haywood, were hosted by the Climate Change Institute during a visit to the US in May this year. Therefore, we were delighted to have this opportunity to reciprocate for three of their scientific team. SAERI and the CCI are developing a working relationship through MoUs which should lead to plenty of investigative research into various aspects of climate change being conducted in the Falkland Islands in the near future. It is hoped that the director of the CCI, Prof Paul Mayewski, will be on our International Advisory Board.”

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