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Members of the public may have observed that the stern section of the wreck Jhelum has suffered a major collapse over the past few months. The floating debris from this collapse presents a significant risk of to harbour-users, in particular cruise ship tenders and other small craft.

In 2008, at the time that the bow of Jhelum collapsed, approval was granted for the removal of the remains of the wreck, however, due to potential safety concerns, the stern remained in situ.

Following the collapse of the stern section, and given the movement of the remains towards the shoreline, a decision has been made to proceed with the remaining removal works. Martech Ltd will begin works to remove the residual parts of Jhelum this week, weather permitting.

For further information regarding the removal of the wreck Jhelum, please contact Malcolm Jamieson, Marine Officer, on +500 27260.


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