Press Releases.

Public Notice: RAF Brize Norton Testing for Swine Flu

In order to protect MOD operational capability, it has become mandatory for all passengers arriving at RAF Brize Norton Passenger Terminal for check-in to automatically have their temperature tested as a preventative measure for Swine Flu. This includes all civilian passengers travelling southbound to Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands.  Although this testing is quick and easy, please be aware that it will inevitably cause a slight disruption and delay to the check-in process.

If your temperature is found to be of a high enough degree to cause concern you will be given 30 minutes ‘cool-down’ to allow for re-testing and temperature verification. This could cause some passengers to miss their flight check-in if they arrive too close to the ‘Latest Arrival Time’ to allow for the completion of this procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that all passengers programme extra time into their travel plans to allow for any possible false negative tests and cool down period.

If any passenger fails the 2nd temperature test after 30 minutes, they will be shut off the flight and unable to travel again for a further 7 days. Consequently, it is suggested that all passengers keep their transport available until after the testing is completed and civilian passengers are strongly advised to ensure they take out adequate travel insurance to cover such an eventuality.

MOD have advised that they will keep the screening programme under constant review by balancing medical and operational advice accordingly.  Anyone who is due to depart from RAF Brize Norton should direct any questions to the Passenger Flight Information Line on 01993 896050.