Press Releases.

Public Accounts Committee Bill 2009

The Public Accounts Committee Bill 2009 was published today and will be considered by the Legislative Assembly at its meeting of 18 September. The Bill makes provision as to the functions and proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee in accordance with section 81 of the Constitution.

Members of the Legislative Assembly would like the Bill to be considered as soon as possible, and have sought to avoid that being delayed. Therefore publication of the Bill has proceeded even though there continues to be some further work carried out on the detail of the proposals contained in the Bill. For this reason, it is likely that proposals will be made during the meeting of the Legislative Assembly for the Bill to be amended from its published form.

The likely proposed amendments arise from the fact that Members of the Legislative Assembly would like the Public Accounts Committee to have a slightly wider function. That wider function would enable the Committee to examine and report on the accounts of some additional bodies, notably any company in which the Falkland Islands Government or a statutory corporation has a shareholding, and any body in receipt of public funding.

Members of the public are invited to pass any comments on the Bill to the Legislative Assembly Office, who can provide a copy of the Bill on request. Phone 00 500 27451 or email: