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Newly-elected Members of Legislative Assembly for the Falkland Islands have assigned their portfolio responsibilities for the term of office.

There are eight portfolios in total, each one being assigned an MLA as main portfolio-holder, and a second MLA who will act as deputy portfolio-holder. The portfolios and their respective holders are as follows:


Portfolio One – Policy & Public Relations. Held by Michael Poole MLA, Deputy Holder Jan Cheek MLA

Portfolio Two – Central Services. Held by Ian Hansen MLA, Deputy Holder Gavin Short MLA

Portfolio Three – Treasury & Finance & Regulatory Services. Held by Roger Edwards MLA, Deputy Holder Mike Summers MLA

Portfolio Four – Public Works. Held by Gavin Short MLA, Deputy Holder Phyl Rendell MLA

Portfolio Five – Trade & Industry. Held by Jan Cheek MLA, Deputy Holder Michael Poole MLA

Portfolio Six – Natural Resources. Held by Phyl Rendell MLA, Deputy Holder Ian Hansen MLA

Portfolio Seven – Health & Public Protection. Held by Mike Summers MLA, Deputy Holder Dr Barry Elsby

Portfolio Eight – Education. Held by Dr Barry Elsby MLA, Deputy Holder Roger Edwards MLA


The portfolio structure is shown in the attached document:

MLA Portfolio Structure


Public Relations & Media Office

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