Policy & Economic Development Unit

Labour Force Development

The Policy and Economic Development Unit is responsible for the development of a long term, evidence based labour force strategy which supports economic development of the Falkland Islands.

Balissa Greene was the Labour Force Development Specialist working within Policy and Economic Development Unit  from May 2018 to April 2020. Her primary role was to understand how the Falkland Islands can attract and retain skilled labour to the island. This entailed understanding the global labour shortage push and pull factors, providing an analysis of the structures and processes within the Falkland Islands that both inhibit and support recruitment and development of labour and recommending initiatives that will support systematic growth and development. The Labour Force Development Specialist worked alongside the public and private sector.

The Director of Policy & Economic Development will continue the work now that the post holder has left the Islands.

Labour Force Development Report
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Skills Assessment Council

The Directorate also facilitates the meetings of the Skills Assessment Council, which aims to assess and review current and future skill requirements for the Islands, including advising ExCo on the Workforce Shortage List. It is intended to provide a formal and independent mechanism to identify labour, skills and training needs across the Islands and to ensure a proactive response to these needs through the immigration system, training provision and other routes. The Labour Development Specialist did sit on the Council to provide further support and knowledge to the group.

The membership of this group is as follows:

Amanda Curry Brown, Director of Policy & Economic Development (Chair)
Carol Hever, Director of Human Resources
Sarah Stannard Director of Education
David Jeffrey, Senior Public Policy Advisor
Jim Horton, Customs & Immigration Programme Director
Maggie Battersby, Chamber of Commerce Representative
James Bates, FIFCA Representative
Sian Davies, FIDC Representative
Phyl Rendell, RBA Representative
Marvin Clarke, Community Representative
Representative of skills/employment needs at Mount Pleasant Complex

Please see below relevant documents for the Council:

Skills Assessment Council - Terms of Reference
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Workforce Shortage List 2022
Created: 2022-04-28 | Size: 485.5 KB

Skills Survey Report 2017
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SAC Summary Note - 29 June 2023
Created: 2023-07-07 | Size: 123.18 KB

SAC Summary Note - 11 October 2022
Created: 2022-10-19 | Size: 7.86 KB

SAC Summary Note - 27 April 2022
Created: 2022-05-19 | Size: 88.21 KB

SAC Summary Note - 14 September 2021
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SAC Summary Note - 25 February 2021
Created: 2021-03-15 | Size: 28.21 KB

SAC Summary Note - 02 November 2020
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For more information, please contact:

Amanda Curry Brown, Director of Policy & Economic Development

Phone: + 500 28421

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