Press Releases.

Pilot De-mining Campaign Almost Completed

A pilot clearance of four minefields in the Falkland Islands has almost been completed by British company BACTEC and a team of Zimbabwean de-miners.  The four target areas selected – Minefield 25 at Goose Green, Minefield 8 (West) at Fox Bay, Minefield 25 at Sapper Hill and Minefield 8 at Surf Bay – have all been safely cleared, except for the latter where one section, expected to contain 16 anti-tank mines, remains to be cleared before the job there is also complete.  The demining experts demonstrated confidence in their work to locals by holding a game of football on the Sapper Hill minefield.  As a signatory to the Ottawa Convention, the United Kingdom is required to remove and destroy all anti-personnel landmines on its sovereign territory, although there have not been any civilian injuries associated with landmines since the 1982 conflict. (Penguin News / Mercopress)