Our Future.

Our Future

The Falkland Islands have enjoyed remarkable growth and economic development to become one of the United Kingdom’s most dynamic and proactive Overseas Territories.

The services provided by the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) have been broadened and improved, so that modern education and healthcare are available to all citizens. Transport links, both within the Islands and to the world outside, have been transformed. The private sector has blossomed and numerous new businesses have been created.

There is more to come. Looking ahead, FIG envisages:

  • Development of onshore activities to add value to the fishery.
  • A continuation of the search for hydrocarbons, and development of commercial finds.
  • The diversification of the agricultural sector based on natural environment, absence of disease and approved production methods.
  • Development of export markets.
  • Tourism development and growth.
  • Continued improvement in internal communications.
  • Increased involvement of the private sector in all these activities.

FIG believes that the Islands can combine economic growth with conservation of the environment – unique and unspoiled – while maintaining its essential character.

Politically, the Legislative Assembly and Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) remain committed to developing their partnership founded on self-determination, internal self-government and British sovereignty.

FIG hopes for peaceful co-existence between Argentina and the Falkland Islands, without diluting or adapting the position on sovereignty. For as long as there is a perceived threat from Argentina, a military presence on the Islands will be maintained on a scale sufficient to deter aggression and provide a holding capability pending reinforcement.

With the continued support of the UK, the Falkland Islands can look forward to an even brighter future.

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