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Entry to the Falkland Islands is controlled by the Customs and Immigration Department located in Stanley, Falkland Islands.

In general, cruise ship visitors do not require a visa to enter the Falklands or to participate in shore excursions. However, visitors arriving by air or intending to spend time in the Falklands before or after a cruise may need a visa.

A number of countries have reciprocal arrangements with the Falkland Islands, and their citizens do not need to arrange a Visitor’s visa. A Visitor’s permit is issued on arrival in the Falklands. This permit can be valid for up to four weeks initially; applications to extend the permit must be submitted directly to Customs and Immigration in Stanley. Also, any individual whose passport or international travel document is issued by the Red Cross or United Nations does not need to pre-arrange a Visitor’s visa to enter the Falkland Islands.

Citizens of countries not listed under the Visa-exempt countries below will need to obtain a Visitor’s visa prior to arrival in the Falklands. Visitor’s visas must be obtained from the nearest British Embassy or Consulate in your own country. To find the nearest British Embassy or Consulate, click here or visit Visitors who require a Visitor’s Visa and currently reside in the United Kingdom should contact the Falkland Islands Customs and Immigration Department directly for advice in the first instance (see below).

Visa-exempt countries

Citizens of the following countries do not require a pre-arranged Visitor’s visa to enter the Falkland Islands.

a Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria k Korea
b Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil l Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
c Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic m Malta
d Denmark n Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
e Estonia p Paraguay, Poland, Portugal
f Finland, France r Romania
g Germany, Greece s San Marino, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
h Hong Kong, Hungary t Taiwan
i Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy u United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay
j Japan v Vatican City

For further information or clarification contact the Customs and Immigration Department directly:
Address: 3 H Jones Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands FIQQ 1ZZ
Phone: +500 27340
Fax: +500 27342

Arriving in the Islands

There are three scheduled flights to the Falkland Islands every week:

Departing RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire every Sunday and Wednesday night, the 18hr journey via Ascension Island is currently operated under contract from the MoD by AirTanker.  To book please contact James Marsh at the Falkland Islands Government Office in London on +44 (0)20 7222 2542.  For passenger information, please see the RAF Brize Norton website here.

There is also a weekly flight from Punta Arenas in Chile, operated by LAN Chile every Saturday.  For booking information, please see this page on the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website.

The Falkland Islands has excellent accommodation both in Stanley and in Camp (the countryside outside of Stanley).  For more information, and for information on things to see and do whilst here, please see the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website here.

All flights arrive at Mount Pleasant Airfield, which is about an hours drive from Stanley.  Bookings for bus or taxi should be made prior to arrival.  For more information and contact details, please see this page on the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website

All visitors to the Falkland Islands are required to have accommodation booked for the duration of their stay, and a paid return ticket.  Visitors are also advised to have sufficient travel and medical insurance covering a minimum of $200,000 that includes repatriation cover should it be required.  For visa requirements, please contact the Falkland Islands Government Customs and Immigration Department on +500 27340 or by email

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To speak to a Falkland Islands Government representative in London, please call:
+44 (0)20 7222 2542

To speak to a Falkland Islands Government representative in Stanley, please call:
+500 27451

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