Scientific Research.

Scientific Research

The Falkland Islands Government welcomes environmental and scientific research of Falklands wildlife, habitats and landscapes.

Environmental legislation in the Falkland Islands provides for the protection for all species of birds (with some exceptions), marine mammals, some other animals (e.g. all butterflies) and a list of specially protected plants. Under the ordinance, a licence to disturb, handle or collect protected species is only issued for purposes of scientific research and education.

FIG Environmental Studies Budget

Annually, the Falkland Islands Government provides a sum of approximately £60,000 for environmental research, awareness raising, and conservation and management activities. The Environmental Committee is responsible for allocating the ‘Environmental Studies Budget’ (ESB) funds to owners and managers of land, non governmental organisations and international scientists that conduct research and conservation activities in the Falkland Islands.

Projects eligible for ESB funding must assist in the management of the biodiversity of the Falkland Islands. Priority will be given to initiatives addressing the key three themes of the ‘Falkland Islands Biodiversity Strategy’, which are environmental research, on-ground action and education. The Environmental Committee allocates the ESB in July each year.


Falkland Islands Fisheries Department

In line with the Government’s policies of sustainable and responsible management, the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department carries out significant amounts of research into commercial fisheries species and ecosystem functions.  This is delivered through a scientific observer programme, in-house research staff and the research trawler RV Castelo.  This work underpins the accurate stock assessment essential essential for determining Individual Transferable Quotas as licensed by the Falkland Islands Government.


South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute

Established in 2012, the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute’s (SAERI) objective is to be a world class academic institute, based in the Falkland Islands, operating in the South Atlantic from the equator down to the ice in Antarctica. It aims to conduct world class research, teach students, and build capacity within and between the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories (UK OTs). The institute’s remit includes the natural and physical sciences.

SAERI’s aim is to coordinate and increase the volume and impact of environmental science in the region by establishing the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the UK South Atlantic Overseas Territories as international research platforms. There is already considerable environmental research activity associated with the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Presenting a singular and coordinated research focus is creating a more attractive proposition for international collaborators and providers of research funding.

The South Atlantic offers unique and exciting research opportunities. SAERI welcomes research proposals and collaboration from scientists and students wishing to undertake research in the Environmental Sciences in the South Atlantic. Please visit their website for further information here.

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