The Falkland Islands are situated in the South Atlantic, some 400 miles (483 km) from the South American mainland and 850 miles (1,365 km) north of the Antarctic Circle. They are located between Latitude 51° and 53°S and Longitude 57° and 62°W; approximately the same latitude south as London is north.

The distance from Stanley, on the extreme east, to New Island, on the extreme west, is some 148 miles (238 km). Topographically the Islands are generally hilly, with the highest points at Mount Usborne, 2,312 ft (705 m.) on East Falkland and at Mount Adam, 2,297 ft (700 m.) on West Falkland.

The climate is characterised by a narrow temperature range, which varies from 24°C (76°F) in January to -5°C (22°F) in July, with a mean annual temperature of approximately 5.6°C (42°F). Temperatures can feel colder due to the wind. Rainfall is comparatively low and evenly distributed throughout the year, averaging 625 mm (24 ins) in Stanley. On average, the Islands enjoy more hours of sunshine than the south of England.

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