Press Releases.

Oil Companies Visit Falklands in Anticipation of Drilling

Representatives of oil companies intending to drill in North and South basins around the Falkland Islands say they are as confident as they can be in an exploration setting and that they will be successful in their endeavour to recover oil in commercial quantities.   Eleven representatives from Desire Petroleum, Argos Resources, Rockhopper Exploration, BHP Billiton and Borders and Southern Petroleum spent between five and seven days in the Falklands last week.  The companies are actively seeking a drilling rig.  The oil companies’ representatives spent their time in the Falklands talking to Government officials, HE the Governor of the Falklands and members of the Islands’ business community.  They also attended a public meeting on the subject of the Environmental Impact Assessment.  Mr Sam Moody, Managing Director of Rockhopper Exploration, commented: “We had a very positive reaction at the public meeting.  Everyone seemed very pleased with the amount of in depth planning we have undertaken.”