Press Releases.

New Look For Public Jetty

Work has been carried out on the Public Jetty over the past month, part of several infrastructure projects in advance of the next tourist season.  The work includes the installation of a wave barrier on the jetty, a new pontoon, a new ramp giving access to the pontoon from the land (rather than from the jetty) and a shelter for awaiting cruise passengers.  The wave barrier will minimise the movement of the pontoons, helping ensure that tenders have a safer landing area, as well as increasing the life of the pontoons.  ‘This much needed infrastructure improvement is about putting visitor safety and comfort first,’ said Jake Downing, General Manager of FITB.  ‘Investment in the public jetty not only ensures passenger safety, but it also gives a positive first impression to cruise visitors. It will encourage them to use our facilities and services, spend money here, spread the good word about us and perhaps even come back again.’