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Members of Legislative Assembly leave Islands to attend Party Conferences

Members of Legislative Assembly the Honourable Sharon Halford and Roger Edwards left the Islands today en-route to the annual Party Conferences in the United Kingdom. They will be joined by the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) London Representative Sukey Cameron MBE.

FIG are one of the longest standing exhibitors having attended the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences since 1988; this year FIG will also, as a trial, be exhibiting at the Liberal Democratic Conference having attended International Day in past years.

The days at conference provide an excellent opportunity to meet a large number of delegates ranging from MPs and their constituents, media representatives, diplomatic visitors and fellow exhibitors “ some 30,000 people over three weeks.  New contacts are made and former contacts updated on issues affecting the Islands. MLAs also have the opportunity to attend a number of fringe meetings that may be relevant to the Islands.

Sukey Cameron MBE says œIt is always interesting to find that a large number of people have connections with the Islands, either having visited themselves or know people who have. We are also pleased with the interest shown in the Islands and for the high level of support we always get.


Office of the Legislative Assembly

Gilbert House


13 September 2011