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 No 02/2022


East Falkland

Stanley Harbour

Passenger vessel Tender Operations

Wind condition limitations for tendering operations

When the wind conditions are sustained 30 and gusting above 30Kts, Stanley harbour will be closed for fishing vessels and all small passenger tenders and zodiacs. Additionally, the harbour may be closed at wind speeds below these limits on direction of the Harbour Master.


All tender operations will be suspended when visibility falls below 0.1nm. Exceptions may be granted if only one vessel is operating, and appropriate risk assessments are provided.

Conduct of navigation when transiting the narrows

All zodiac and tender coxswains are reminded of their obligations under rule 9 of the collision regulations. All tenders are to remain to the starboard side of the channel at all times. Overtaking is not permitted whilst transiting the narrows.


Pontoon Operations

The following instructions are given concerning cruise ship tender operations onto the pontoons located at the Public Jetty:

  1. That the free floating finger pontoons be utilised for yacht dinghies or Zodiac style tenders only. Whilst using the floating pontoon, no more than two zodiacs may embark or disembark passengers at any given time.
  2. That the larger tenders from cruise ships utilise only the main piled pontoon.
  3. Any instructions from the Harbour Master or their designated officer, must be complied with at all times. This may include periods when tender activities are suspended until weather conditions improve.
  4. That all vessels provide sufficient shore party crew with suitable PPE to place mooring lines and assist in the safe berthing/unberthing of tenders.
  5. That passenger and non-essential staff movements on any pontoon be prohibited whilst a tender is berthing/unberthing.
  6. That passenger movement to and from tenders should be limited to one tender at a time.

This Notice shall remain in force until further notice.

Captain J. Cox,

Harbour Master,

Falkland Islands Government.

Issued on 27/06/2022



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