Press Releases.

Liberty Lodge Ready to Welcome Veterans

More than 26 years after the Liberation of the Falklands from Argentine forces, the British veterans who were part of Operation Corporate have their own house in Stanley.  Set on a hill overlooking the harbour and conveniently close to the town’s amenities, Liberty Lodge was officially opened on 3 February by the Commander of British Forces in the Islands, Air Commodore Gordon Moulds.  Derek ‘Smokey’ Cole of the Falklands Veterans’ Association masterminded the plan and the Chairman of the South Atlantic Medal Association, Lt Col Tony Davies MBE, assisted with raising funds for the building of the Lodge.  Many people in the community also pulled together to make the opening of the Lodge possible.  It is hoped that more veterans will stay in the Lodge, enjoy the company of Falkland Islanders and assist themselves in dealing with what they were involved in during the war.  Guests were given a tour of the spacious and comfortable four-bedroom house which is to be run by Islander Anya Cofre.  When not in use by war veterans, the Lodge will be open for use by members of the Armed Forces serving in the South Atlantic.