Referendum 2013.

Falkland Islands Referendum on Political Status, 2013

On Tuesday 12th June 2012 the Falkland Islands Government announced its intention to hold a referendum, in order to enable Falkland Islanders to express their view on the political status of the Falkland Islands.

The United Kingdom has sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.  Argentina meanwhile claims that the Islands are theirs, and have requested that the UK Government enter into negotiations over this sovereignty.  The UK Government support the Falkland Islanders’ right of self-determination, allowing the people of the Falkland Islands to decide their future.  The Argentine Government states that it does not believe that the Islanders have this right and, as evidenced in their Constitution, claim full sovereignty of the Islands.

The purpose of this referendum is to give Falkland Islanders the opportunity to clearly state, through an open and observed democratic process, what they wish the political status of the Falkland Islands to be.

In the interests of transparency, below are links to all relevant documentation associated with the referendum to date.  This page will be updated as and when new information is available.

Executive Council Papers:

29th August 2012 Referendum on Political Status (205-12P)

21st November 2012 Agreement on Question and date for Referendum on Political Status (272-12P)

21st November 2012 Referendum on Political Status – update (283-12P)

19th December 2012  Referendum on Political Status: Official Information Leaflet and Orders (297-12P)


Electoral Ordinance

The Referendum (Falkland Islands Political Status) Ordinance 2012

Referendum (Campaign) Rules 2013

Orders (Extracts from Gazettes):

The Referendum on Political Status (Question) Order 2012

The Referendum on Political Status (Timing) Order 2012

The Referendum on Political Status (Official Information Leaflet) Order 2012

Arrangements and Rules:

No 1. Arrangements for the Appointment of Referendum Officers and Staff

No 2. Arrangements for the Closed Period of the Referendum

No 3. Arrangements for Referendum Observers

No 4. Arrangements for Applications for Registration, and Applications for a Proxy, Postal and Postal Proxy Vote

No 5. Polling Arrangements

No 6.  Arrangements for the Electoral Register

No 7.  Ballot Papers, Security of Referendum Materials

No 8.  Arrangements for the Count

No 9.  Arrangements for the Media and Polling

No 10.  Arrangements for voting at Stanley Prison

Public Notices:

Referendum Staffing – Internal Notice

Referendum Staffing – Public Notice

Voting Options (Falkland Islands Radio Service Announcement 19-11-12)

Electoral Register – Public Notice

Public Consultation on Proposed Referendum Question – Press Release (31st October 2012)

Official Documentation:

Official Information Leaflet

Guidance Note Leaflet – Electoral Registration

Application For Inclusion On Election/Referendum Staff Register




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