Press Releases.


Fuel supply to the Falkland Islands is currently governed by a licence and with one provider of fuel services. The Falkland Islands Government is reviewing the performance of the provision of services under the current fuel licence and is seeking the views of the Falkland Islands community during this process.

Two questionnaires have been created to gain feedback regarding the provision of fuel services – one questionnaire is for domestic fuel usage (personal vehicles and home fuel needs) and one for businesses who use fuel bunkering services. Copies of the questionnaires can be obtained from Charlie O’Horo, PA to the Director of Central Services c/o Secretariat, on telephone 28426. Completed questionnaires should be returned to Charlie on or before 14th March 2014.

The questionnaires are also available online for those members of the public who wish to complete them digitally:

For the domestic fuel survey, please visit:

For the business fuel survey, please visit:

Director of Central Services, Simon Fletcher, explained more about why the review was taking place, and what FIG hoped to learn from the public consultation,

“Security of fuel provision is critical to the Islands; it’s up there amongst the most important issues we deal with as Government.  This review is about your experience of the fuel services we have here, and we really want to get local peoples’ views on those services to help us understand what, if anything, needs to change.”


For further information regarding this consultation process, or for any queries regarding the questionnaires themselves, please contact Charlie O’Horo on +500 28426 or Siân Nightingale on +500 28421.