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Fisheries Observer
Peter Hoyer

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Background & Qualifications

I grew up in Malaysia and left in 2015 to undertake my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. After taking a few years off, I graduated with an MSc in Marine Biology from Bangor University in 2022. My master’s thesis was on how the foraging patterns of common guillemots Uria aalge are affected by physical and temporal variables.

Previously, I’ve done field work (mostly with birds) in Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Iceland, and Peru, but I’m very new to the fishery industry. I’m chiefly interested in seabird conservation surrounding their interactions with fishing vessels and I applied for this position hoping I could improve my knowledge around this subject.

I joined the Falkland Islands Fishery Department in late January 2023 as a Scientific Fishery Observer.