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Islander Dr. Beccy Edwards has been offered the role of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for the Falkland Islands Government. Dr Edwards will take up her post from May 1st 2014, and succeeds Dr. Angela Rowlands, who leaves the Islands this week.

Dr. Edwards, daughter of Norma and Roger Edwards, currently works as a Medical Officer, splitting her time between King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and her home at Port Howard. Dr Edwards spoke of her surprise at the offer,

‘I hadn’t thought it possible at the moment with my young family, however Hilary Rowland and myself have worked together to form a working pattern that should enable me to take up this post full-time.  It will obviously mean a big change for my family, but it is one that I think we can make work and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

We are extremely fortunate in the Falklands to have a health service to be very proud of, especially considering the remote environment we live in and the distances involved in seeking specialist care.  However, there are always improvements to be made and I have great hopes and aspirations for an even better healthcare system in the Falklands than we already enjoy. I would like to thank Dr. Angela Rowlands for all the dedicated care and professionalism that she has brought to the post of CMO over the last year.  Angela has made great headway updating and reviewing our systems and I am aware of the big shoes I have to fill.’

Director of Health and Social Services, Hilary Rowland, expressed her pleasure at Dr. Edwards’ appointment, and her echoed her sentiments in expressing a sincere thanks to Dr. Angela Rowlands for her hard work and outstanding contribution to the healthcare system in the Islands.

MLA Mike Summers, Portfolio Holder for Health & Public Protection, welcomed the news of Dr. Edwards’ selection as CMO:

‘I am delighted to see a young Falkland Islander taking up such a key position in our health service. Beccy’s common sense appreciation of life in the Falkland Islands, and the challenges we face to deliver a high quality service to both Stanley and the Camp, will be a major benefit to our service. I look forward to working with her and the KEMH team to continue to provide the best possible health care for our citizens.’

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