Press Releases.

Falklands Welcome Princess Anne

Princess Anne and her husband Vice-Admiral Timothy Laurence arrived in the Falklands on Monday 23 March for a visit to the Islands and South Georgia. She is travelling to the South Atlantic at the invitation of the South Georgia Heritage Trust, SGHT. On 24 March the Princess Royal will be carrying out a number of public engagements including visits to the Royal Falkland Islands Police Station, Fire and Rescue Service Station, Infant Junior and Community Schools, Liberty Lodge, Cape Pembroke Lighthouse and Atlantic Conveyor Memorial.  At the recently inaugurated “Liberty Lodge”, the house built to accommodate visiting British Falklands War veterans, she will meet members of the South Atlantic Medal Association, SAMA 82, local residents, medical staff and sponsors.  The Princess Royal will also have dinner at Malvina House Hotel with members of the Legislative Assembly and their spouses and visit the historic settlement of Port Louis on East Falklands. Port Louis was established by Louis de Bougainville in 1764 as the first French settlement on the islands.