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‘Falklands Shouldn’t be on UN List’

The Falklands, Gibraltar and other Overseas Territories should not be included on the United Nations list of non self-governing territories, a spokesman from the UK government has said.  “The 2006 Gibraltar Constitution provides for a modern and mature relationship between Gibraltar and the UK, and Her Majesty’s Government regrets that the UN Committee of 24’s (C24) outdated criteria fail to take this into account.  The Government do not consider that any of their Overseas Territories should remain on the UN list,” said Chris Bryant in response to a question from Adam Price MP.  Gibraltar was not present at this year’s C24 meeting but Falklands representatives did attend.  Councillor Mike Rendell said: “There is no doubt that the Falkland Islands should continue to get its message across to the C24 at every opportunity.  There are still many misconceptions within the C24 about our particular circumstances, and the more that we can do to correct them, the better.”