Press Releases.

Falklands Government Representatives Visit UK

Public Accounts Committee members Mr Stuart Wallace (chair), the Hon Sharon Halford MLA and Mr Mike Forrest, are visiting the UK from 16 to 20 March on a five-day trip funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office through the Overseas Territories Fund.  The purpose of the trip is to learn how Public Accounts Committees operate in small jurisdictions and local authorities within the British Isles.  The Hon Sharon Halford MLA and the Hon Jan Cheek MLA have also recently spent time at the Falkland Islands Government Office and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London.  The Hon Dick Sawle is currently in London, attending the Westminster Seminar on Parliamentary Practices and Procedures, which runs from 7 to 19 March.  The Seminar is organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association for newly-elected politicians. 

A press release with further information on these visits can be viewed here.