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The Honourable Mike Summers MLA of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands will  visit New Zealand and Australia this month as part of a regional tour. There are long-standing links between the countries, and this tour hopes to build upon existing relationships, and to showcase the Falkland Islands as a modern, thriving democracy.

MLA Summers is one of the eight elected members of the Legislative Assembly, and holds one of the five seats of the Stanley constituency. In addition, MLA Summers is one of the three members of the Executive Council. MLA Summers portfolio responsibilities include Health & Public Protection, Regulatory Services, Treasury and Finance. MLA Summers is also the Deputy Chair of the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

MLA Summers will arrive in Melbourne on 26th January, and his official programme will commence on Tuesday 28th January, to allow for the observance of Australia Day on 27th January. MLA Summers will give media interviews during his time in Melbourne, as well as paying a visit to the Victorian Parliament, before he delivers the keynote speech at the Australian Institute of International Affairs. MLA Summers is also expected to keep some social engagements.

MLA Summers will continue on to Wellington for the second leg of his tour on Wednesday 29th January, before continuing on to Auckland on Friday 31stJanuary. During his time in Wellington, MLA Summers is expected to meet with local politicians, academics and members of the community with an affiliation to the Falkland Islands. MLA Summers will also make a public speech on the Falkland Islanders’ rights to self-determination and will visit Palmerston North Boys High School to pay respects to a former student who gave his life during the 1982 Falklands Conflict.

In addition to his role as a Member of Legislative Assembly, Mike Summers is also the Chairman of the Falkland Islands Overseas Games Association, and will hopefully attend this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, representing the Falkland Islands.


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