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Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly passes Marriage Bill

On Thursday 30th March, the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands voted strongly in favour of reform and passed the Marriage Bill, allowing same sex marriage and civil partnerships for both same sex couples and heterosexual couples.

The Constitution of the Falkland Islands already includes anti-discrimination and pro-equality rights, but the law needed updating to keep pace. The introduction of same sex marriage gives effect to the results of a public consultation which found that 90% of respondents within the Falkland Islands were in favour of same sex marriage. The same consultation also found 94% were in favour of civil partnerships for all couples.

The move sends a clear and powerful message that all couples have an equal right for their relationships to be recognized under the law, including all associated protections, rights and responsibilities.   It reflects the Falkland Islands’ tradition of openness, tolerance and respect for others.

The Falkland Islands will now recognise same sex marriages and civil partnerships between couples, enabling those who choose to work or settle here to benefit from the same legal recognition and rights as those in an opposite sex marriage.

The legislative changes will put civil partnership on an equal footing with marriage and it will be an option open to any couple who wish to solidify their relationship with legal underpinning, but who do not wish to take the traditional route of marriage.

The Falkland Islands expects to extend the right of civil partnership to residents of the Falkland Islands, as well as to those who may choose to travel to the Falkland Islands on holiday or specifically for the purpose of entering into such a union.

The Falkland Islands is proud to join the list of 22 other countries that recognise same sex marriage (either nationwide or in some parts). The Falklands also joins an even shorter list of countries that recognise civil partnerships between all couples.

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