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Dick Sawle MLA attends CPA conference in Nairobi Kenya

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association is œa voluntary association of 54 countries that support each other and work towards shared goals in democracy and development.

The world™s largest and smallest, richest and poorest countries make up the Commonwealth and are home to two billion citizens of all faiths and ethnicities¦.Member countries span six continents and oceans from Africa to Asia, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and the South Pacific (quote from the CPA website).

MLA Sawle said ” I am delighted to be attending the conference on behalf of the Falkland Islands, and have been invited to be a discussion leader in section three of the 30th Small Branches conference. The topic for debate that I will be speaking on is entitled œThe challenge of sovereignty in small states.”

 I will be hoping to correct a few misunderstandings in the international community regarding the Argentine claim to sovereignty, but will be concentrating on the difficulties that small countries such as ours face when trying to deal with the challenge.”