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The Environmental Planning Department (EPD) of the Falkland Islands Government is starting to review the Falkland Islands Development Plan (made up of the Structure Plan and Stanley Town Plan). Before a more in-depth consultation takes place, EPD would like to hear the public’s views on some of the headline issues.

The Development Plan provides a framework for the future spatial development of the Islands. In particular, it provides the basis for the determination of planning applications. The current version was produced some time ago and there is a need to review the plan to a) take account of the emerging potential for oil-related development, and b) to improve those areas where lessons can be learnt from the plan’s implementation so far.

As part of the consultation process a Non-Technical Summary, Main Consultation document and Draft Stanley Town Plan Map will be available from the EPD offices on St Mary’s Walk. A response form is available to provide comments on these documents. Responses can also be submitted on-line using the following link:

The deadline for comments is Friday 30th May 2014.

The results of this consultation will be used to help produce detailed amendments to the Structure Plan and Town Plan. There will be a separate consultation later in the year on these amendments. It is hoped that the new plans will be formally adopted towards the middle of 2015.

For further information regarding this public consultation, please contact the Environmental Planning Department on +500 28480.