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Darwin’s Visit To Be Marked 175 Years On

The bicentenary of the birth of ground-breaking naturalist Charles Darwin is to be marked in a number of ways in the Falklands, including the striking of a coin and the release of a commemorative stamp issue.  Darwin visited the Falklands during his voyage onboard the Beagle in 1833 and 1834.  In the Islands he discovered fossils, examined stone runs and collected examples of the wildlife.  In recognition of the 175th anniversary of Darwin’s visits, the museum has planned an exhibition which will open soon and plans are underway for a celebration in the spring, most likely in the form of a trek and fun day.  Meanwhile, the Explorer Scouts are using the exploits of Darwin and Fitzroy as the theme for their Platinum Award and have invited other people and organisations to join them in celebrating the events of 175 years ago.  They aim to organise a Darwin Festival later in the year, with separate events under the broad heading of “Darwin in the Falklands” but organised and run by business, charities, and individuals for their own profit.