If you hold a volunteer permit, a work permit, an accompanying dependent permit, a dependent permit or a carer permit issued by the Falkland Islands Customs & Immigration you DO NOT NEED to also apply for a visa

If you hold a passport issued by one of the countries listed below you DO NOT NEED to apply for a visa to visit the Fakland Islands -

VISA NOT REQUIRED - The authorities of the following countries or territories:

(a) The United Kingdom and countries which at the time in question are member states of the European Union

(b) Andorra

(c) Argentina

(d) Australia

(e) Brazil

(f) Canada

(g) Chile

(h) Cyprus

(i) Finland

(j) Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China

(k) Iceland

(l) Israel

(m) Japan

(n) Republic of Korea

(o) Liechtenstein

(p) Malta

(q) New Zealand

(r) Norway

(s) San Marino

(t) South Africa

(u) Sweden

(v) Switzerland

(va) Taiwan

(w) United States of America

(x) Uruguay

(y) Vatican City


For the purposes of this Schedule, an Overseas Territory of a country is deemed to be a part of that country.


All Stateless persons, those travelling on refugee documents / non-national documents, and travel documents that do not confer full citizenship require a Falkland Islands visa.