16 April 2022

COVID-19 update: small cluster of cases identified and being managed at MPC

As announced on Friday 15 April 2022, the Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands (CBFSAI) has implemented a brief lockdown at Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC), following the identification of four COVID-19 cases outside of quarantine.

Level one contacts were all identified, and are currently self-isolating, a wider pool of over 100 people on base have also been tested with all groups returning negative results so far. The restrictions will remain under constant review over the next few days as MPC conduct further surveillance swabbing to confirm that the cluster of cases is contained. Operational outputs, such defence and the airbridge will continue as usual.

Following contact tracing procedures there have been no identified positive cases outside of MPC. The KEMH are supporting the medical team based at MPC and will remain in close contact with the them to provide advice and support during this time.

FIG would like to reassure the public that, under current planning, we will not be ‘bringing forward’ the release of COVID-19 restrictions; as not all of the required conditions, as laid out in the ExCo paper, have been met. This position will be reviewed over the coming days as we seek to understand the situation at MPC in detail.

FIG and KEMH will continue to support our neighbours at BFSAI at this time; and remain incredibly grateful for the efforts made to provide a measured and collective response. A further update will be provided once more information is known.

More information about COVID-19 and steps people can take to remain vigilant and themselves safe is available by visiting the government website: www.fig.gov.fk/covid-19.