Press Releases.

Confidence Shown by Visiting FCO De-mining Group

The UK government’s visiting de-mining reconnaissance group is confident that workable solutions can be found to the challenge of removing an estimated 25,000 Argentine mines still remaining in the Falklands after the 1982 conflict.  The main aim of the visit was to consult with people in the Falklands about their priorities for de-mining and also to identify a small number of areas for beginning the tendering process for a first demining contract in the Falklands.  During their visit, the de-mining reconnaissance group met with Members of the Legislative Assembly, government officials, Falklands Conservation and members of the community, as well as visiting a number of mine fields on East and West Falklands.  One of the main priorities of the demining would be to achieve minimum environmental impact to preserving the Falklands’ natural environment.