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Budget Overview 2020/2021

Stability and continuity are at the heart of the Falkland Islands Government Budget for 2020/21.

The Budget recognises these two themes are essential in the time of uncertainty stemming from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The operating budget for 2020/21 is £81.7 million and the capital transfer budget £29.1 million, with the main areas of investment for the coming 12 months including:

  • £25.3m for health and wellbeing
  • £8.9m for education and training
  • £32.1m on radio, transportation, infrastructure and communications
  • £5.7m on protecting the environment

Read the 2020/2021 Press Release here

This infographic provides an overview of the 2020/2021 Budget

This infographic summarises Budget highlights for Our People

This infographic explains what is changing and isn’t changing in the 2020/2021 Budget.