Press Releases.

Argentine Next of Kin Visit

A total of 375 Argentine next of kin will visit the Falkland Islands in two groups on 3 and 10 October to attend the official inauguration of the Argentine Memorial at the Cemetery at Darwin, East Falklands.

The Falkland Islands Government welcomes this humanitarian visit and has worked with the Argentine Families Commission to ensure that the relatives are able to pay their respects with dignity.

Although next of kin visits have been taking place since 1991, the visits scheduled for 3 and 10 October are the largest to date and have involved considerable logistical planning. The Falkland Islands Government is grateful to the Chilean airline, LAN, for providing extra capacity on its scheduled services in order to accommodate the many families who wish to attend.

The Memorial was commissioned and completed in 2004 but has not, to date, been officially inaugurated.

Press Contacts
Photography of the cemetery, including the Memorial, is available before the event and photography of the inauguration ceremony will be available after the event from the press contact below.

A representative of the Falkland Islands Government is available for comment and interview before and after the event.

Simon Quarendon, Keene Public Affairs Consultants
Telephone: 020 7839 2140 or 07850 618418 (out of office hours and weekends)