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Argentina still œseeking to colonise the Falkland Islands and its people

Two members of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly, the Honourable Emma Edwards MLA and the Honourable Gavin Short MLA, addressed the United Nations Decolonisation Committee in New York yesterday.

During her speech, Ms. Edwards vigorously defended the Falkland Islanders position regarding the right to self-determination and told the Committee members that œthe people of the Falkland Islands do not want to become part of Argentina and œby pursuing its sovereignty claim, Argentina is seeking to colonise the Falkland Islands and its people.

During his speech, Mr Short told the Committee members that œwe did not displace any indigenous peoples. There were none. He also stated, œThe Falklands Islands today are not a colony in any way shape or form but a British overseas territory by choice.

During her speech, Ms. Edwards, made the following points:

  • Falkland Islanders have the right to self determination which it has exercised by choosing to be a self governing Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom.
  • Self-determination is a basic human right.  It is a moral argument. 
  • The Islands are a free and democratic country that is not dependent on the UK.
  • If Argentina would co-operate on the issue of hydrocarbons, then the whole of the Southern Region of South America could benefit.
  • The original intentions and spirit of the Decolonisation Committee was to help small colonised territories¦to determine their own futures. Why does Argentina not afford the Falkland Islanders these same rights?

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During his speech, Mr. Short made the following points:

  • Argentina repeatedly twists history to favour its totally unfounded and illegal claim to the Islands.
  • Argentina™s management of fish stocks is unsustainable and will probably lead to the collapse of the biomass in some stocks.
  • Encouraged by Britain, the Falkland Islands is changing and growing and aims to have every position within the Islands filled by a native born Islander or those who have chosen to make them their home. 

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The Islands have sent representatives to the annual meeting of the Committee since 1983.