Press Releases.

A Team Effort to Reduce Seabird Mortality in the Trawling Fishery

The Falkland Islands have recently adopted their second Plan of Action to reduce seabird mortality due to trawling activity.  The first plan of action was approved in 2004 following the work of SAST (Seabird at Sea Team), a collaborative project between Falklands Conservation ( and RSPB. Further work conducted since 2004 by the APP (Albatross and Petrel Programme), with collaboration from the fisheries observers since 2006, has been the base for the re-evaluation of the initial plan.  Four years of APP observers™ work at sea brought up new and more detailed information relating to the sources and magnitude of seabird incidental mortality due to interactions with trawling fishing gear and its mitigation.  The plan adopted by the Falkland Islands contains extensive background information and a detailed framework for the next four years, outlining those aspects which may need further investigation to ensure a lower impact on seabirds by trawling activity and by fishing activity in general.

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